The Dark Knight Rises fashion with Bane jackets
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The Dark Knight Rises fashion with Bane jackets

Unless you are filthy rich and have a passion to collect luxurious outfits for the sake of past-time, a leather jacket is one of the significant aspects of your shopping and you expect a lot from it. From durability, style, and quality, to fitting, color, and looks, you want everything to be inch perfect if you are spending a handsome amount of your shopping budget on buying a leather jacket for your shopping hunger. Perfection comes only when you choose the right fashion and style which can totally compliment your body.

This means buying a leather jacket which does not only look good but also has a strong association with some of the famously known celebrities or characters. Today, we will feature a collection from the Dark Knight Rises, an epic blockbuster where Bane was played by the ultimate heartthrob of the Hollywood industry, Tom Hardy. Some of the classic fashion styles related to the characters in the movie and Bane are as follows.

Bane leather jacket from the Dark Knight

If you are looking for super cool and serious fashion which has an association with a strong villain like character, then the Bane leather jacket is the one you should go for. The jacket has premium stitching, original leather, and four pocket designs to support the look as well as the highlights. The jacket is one of the most famous Bane jackets of this season, as fans have been insanely demanding it since the release of the movie and introduction of the jacket.

Bane character trench coat from the Dark Knight Movie

Who can forget the character that Tom Hardy plays in the movie Dark Knight? Alongside his famous appearance, his trench coat also got a lot of popularity from hardcore Tom Hardy fans, so a Dark Knight Bane trench coat is a good option for you to spend your money on.

Batman leather jacket

If you are looking to buy costumes related to comic superheroes with the money you have, then Batman leather jacket is another option for you. Its silky design, jet black color, and an embossed Batman logo are to die for.

Tom Hardy leather jacket

For all the Tom Hardy fans, his leather jackets are a great option to choose for an occasion which requires expensive and formal styled clothing. You can use his jacket replicas as both casual and formals, for any occasion you want to attend.