Ever got concerned about how to take care of leather jacket? If yes, you are on the right page and thus continue reading. We will be telling you the best guidelines which will solve all your problems regarding the maintenance of a leather jacket. You can occasionally follow the guide to keep your leather jack fine, sound and intact.

Leather Bomber Jackets were initially introduced for the Military personnel in World War II. However, these Jackets got immense popularity when Hollywood Stars started wearing them and enamored the look and style. Who can deny the Legendary Tom Cruise’s charismatic personality, who sparkled in Top Gun (1986) by wearing the famous Aviator Leather Bomber Jacket? Girls went head-over-heels in love with his killer looks when he flaunted his Top Gun Jacket look.

From that day, leather jackets are a fine delicacy and a handsome investment in our closets. But, one has to be properly guided in how to take care of a leather jacket.

How to Take Care of a Leather Jacket at Home?

The first and foremost step for leather jacket care is to read the label of your jacket. You should be fully aware of what type of leather your jacket is made of and the special instructions the label addresses. Keeping all that in your mind, you will select the products and follow a procedure sensitive to your leather jacket.

1. Use a Damp Cloth for Cleaning

If your leather jacket looks dirty, dusty or has water stains, a damp cloth or a soft-bristled brush can always be your ultimate first option at home. The use of a damp cloth is the very basic and the mildest step in leather jacket care.
In case of ink or water stains, go ahead cleaning with a vinegar and water solution. All you need to do is mix vinegar and water in equal quantities in a solution. Then dip a cloth in this mixture and rub over the stains.

2. Make your Leather Jacket Water-Resistant

The best way for your bomber jacket to stay ever-green is to keep its leather waterproof. For that, you can use ‘Water Repellent Sprays’ like a Silicone Polymer Spray for suede, leather, nylon or sheepskin fabric. Such sprays will guard and repel leather from water stains without causing any discoloration to your jacket. Wisely choose the ‘protectant spray’ which contains natural substances and avoids harsh chemical, toxin and hazardous odor.

3. Use Leather Conditioner

In addition to the protectant spray, you should get your hands on a good leather conditioner. Rubbing conditioner with a cloth will retain moisture in the leather jacket, maintaining its shine, luster and color.

Secondly, you can make your own DIY Homemade Leather Conditioner as well. All you need is 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice, a one-fourth cup of olive/coconut oil and a damp cloth. Mix the lemon juice and oil. Then, dip the damp cloth in the mixture and rub your jacket until it looks luscious. Such a trick can be used for how to wash nylon bomber jacket query.
Warning: Rub less with less quantity. If you use a lot of olive oil and lemon, your leather jacket can darken too.

4. Remove Wrinkles from Your Leather Jacket

If you want your leather bomber jacket to maintain its classic and vintage look, hang it in your cupboard. Never fold it. Through hanging, the jacket will remain wrinkle-free. If you are still bothered by more stubborn wrinkles, you can use iron on its lowest heat. Always remember to keep the leather jacket under a cloth and then iron it. Ironing can only be done for very specific occasions; otherwise, your jacket may lose its longevity.

How to Wash a Bomber Jacket? Some Major Tips

If you wonder how to wash a bomber jacket, give special attention to this part of the article.

1. Follow the Label on Your Leather Jacket

As mentioned earlier, reading the label is the most crucial step in care for a leather jacket. Every label including a label over a bomber jacket has its own instructions regarding how to wash bomber jacket. Some labels say, ‘only to be hand-washed’, while some may allow the use of a washing machine. Remember the following washing tips:

  • Remove all your items from the pockets before washing.
  •  Don’t mix other fabric clothes when washing leather jackets.
  •  Read the instructions on the label regarding the use of detergent.
  • Cool water is preferable.
  • Wriggle the jacket, and its fur gently with your hands.
  •  If using a washing machine, wash on a very slow cycle only
  • Avoid the machine spin.

2.  Never Use Heat Sources to Dry

Once when washed, let the bomber jacket hang and air-dry. Never use heat sources like air-dryers or heaters. The jacket will dry up on its own at room temperature. Always use wide- padded hangers to increase the surface area so that the leather can breathe and ventilate.

3. Go for Professional Leather Cleaning Services

If you have tried all of the tips mentioned earlier and the technique on taking care of a leather jacket and are still not satisfied with the results, professional leather cleaning is your last option. Sometimes leather jackets do get stubborn stains, cracks, molds, or any discoloration that can’t be treated at home. Seeking professional cleaning services, especially when you are confused on how to care for a lambskin leather jacket, will always do the right treatment, which will restore your leather jacket’s shiny look and vibrancy.

In a nutshell:

Well, precisely, getting your favorite bomber jacket is an easy thing, but, to make it a long-lasting piece of your wardrobe is a tricky task to accomplish. Hopefully, our stated practical efforts in taking care of your bomber jacket will prove to be fruitful. Follow all the tips and tricks and guess what? You will have your bomber jacket in your closet FOR YEARS!


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