Steve Rogers Captain America Locomotive Jacket

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Product Details:

  • The Color Of The Jacket Is Brown
  • The Material is Genuine Leather
  • The Collar Of The Jacket Is Shirt Style
  • The Stitching On The Jacket Is Done To Assure Perfection
  • The Internal Lining Is Made Of Viscose Which Compliments Perfect Comfort
  • Chest And Waist Side Pockets Are Present, Which Add Up To The Jacket

Men’s Jacket Size Chart

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Women’s Jacket Size Chart

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The fans of the movie Avengers and its continuing parts love the character of Captain America. The strength and morals of the star are shown in the movie and style of Captain America stunning locomotive Steve Rogers jacket for complementing the sheer persona of the star. The movie is complete and shows the role of the character as a true patriot.

The design of the jacket shows immaculate completeness and that can be credited to the fine material used in the making of the jacket. The leather used is original and the collar of the jacket is shirt style. The stitching of the jacket is premium style which shows the refined thinking behind the making of the jacket. The color of the jacket is brown and gives a biker look which depicts sheer strength. On the chest and waist, the side pockets are completely visible from which the internal lining of the jacket is made from viscose to assure complete comfort of the person wearing it.

The character of Captain America gives a patriotic and a strong feeling to the people who saw it. The people who feel pride in America and consider the principles of the country legitimate love selecting and wearing this jacket.


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