The majority of our payments are carried out through a 100% secure channel keeping in mind the end goal to verify that none of our client’s cash goes to waste which is a part of our privacy policy. The majority of our online transactions are taken care of with incredible consideration and amazingly advantageous for customers all as far and wide as possible. You can feel relieved to know that the money they are sending is transferred through a secure transaction system that is not being abused by any third party personnel.

The information requested below is viewed as basic information which is highly important to us. We need it with a specific end goal to manage our dealings with the clients and to safely deliver their order on time. The vital pieces of information we require from our clients include:

  • Your Full Name
  • The Exact Billing Address
  • Your Cell Phone or Home Number
  • Your Detailed Delivery Address
  • Your Full Credit Card Details

You can judge yourself that this discriminating information is very delicate and we make all the efforts to cover it from other outsiders. In this respect, we follow a very strict set of rules.

We are continuously redesigning our site for any promotions and offers. Along these lines, it is in light of a legitimate concern for the clients to check the site every now and then for any sort of overhauls and any adjustments in our confidentiality policy. This page can provide for you a ton of information so visit it on time to time premises with a specific end goal to stay overhauled about our organization’s confidentiality policy. We likewise update you as often as possible about the most recent confidentiality policy that we seek after on the email locations given to us. So make sure that you keep in touch with our support staff as they will let you know about any new changes to our privacy policies.

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