FAQs for your ease!

Here are a few FAQs to observe before you place an order.

How to place any order for a leather jacket at InStyleJackets.com?

Our team of customer support works round the clock so that our clients can email us for any queries related to the purchase or how they could place an order for a jacket.

What is the amount time we will take to deliver the order?

Generally, we take about 4-8 working days for the delivery of an ordered jacket. A postponement in delivery due to surprising circumstances or any sort of common catastrophe is quickly informed to the waiting customer.

What should a customer do if he/she wishes to make changes to their order at our site?

You are given a period of one day to change your request. As we use the quick request framework for all the dealings and the deliveries. After the given one day we cannot make changes to your order.

In which parts of the world are our designer leather jackets able to make a delivery?

We send orders to almost every nation on the planet on the grounds that we use those postal administrations which are spread worldwide like DHL, FedEx and others. We additionally utilize the local postal administrations for snappier conveyances. We likewise give a tracking number as well to the customer in 48 hours.

What kind of material is utilized for our stylish replica jackets?

Replica jackets are made of genuine leather which is taken from cow, buffalo or different sorts of hides. Off and on again we additionally utilize the skins of sheep and lamb. All these jackets are made up of 100% pure leather.

What are our strict guidelines for keeping up the nature of the item?

We generally verify that our leather items and accessories are made up of exceptional and interesting mixes of authentic quality leather. We give much esteem to the greatness of the nature of the item and verify our brand name is kept up.